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What is Claim What You've Earned?

Like many successful reverse transfer partnerships across the country, Claim What You’ve Earned will help eligible CSUN transfer students obtain an associate degree from a participating CSUN Connections community college. This document contains more information on this reverse transfer pathway.

How are students being contacted regarding their eligibility for Claim What You’ve Earned?

The CSUN Connection partners have leveraged IntersectLA at CSUN, a student-run creative agency to develop communications tools and outreach materials for the Claim What You’ve Earned project. IntersectLA has developed a project website and other materials that will be utilized for student outreach. Visit the project website at The CSUN Admissions Office will send students an initial email communication to notify students of their progress toward an associate degree. CSUN will send this communication to all student email addresses on file, including previous CSUN and community college email accounts. “Completers” who have already met all associate degree requirements will be advised of their status and instructed on how to receive their degree. “Near-Completers” who have a few credits left to go will be notified of their status and advised on how to reenroll at the community college. The email communication will also list the primary points of contact for CSUN and for the student’s home community college, as well as a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


But you’ve come further than you think.

As a transfer student, you can combine your CSUN course credit with your previous community college credit to claim an associate degree. We’ll work with you to determine which associate degree is right for you!

To begin, select your participating college from the following list.

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